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Investment News – November 8, 2013
Why Young Advisers Need Mentoring | Joyce Hanson

Christine Gaze on the value of junior associate programs: “The expectation that an advisor should be beating the pavement from Day One is inconsistent with advisors' need for succession planning with the next generation. The typical transition to a successor requires 10 years.” Click here to read the full article.


Investment News – November 6, 2013
Don't Condecescend to Gen Y Women | Liz Skinner

As a contributor to IN's Women and Investing: Reaching Gen Y webcast, Christine Gaze observes, “...Gen Y women grew up with the expectation that they can 'have it all'.  They are feeling stressed and exhausted as they try to perform at work and at home.  This group, more than any other cohort, appreciates the value of a professional who can synthesize things and apply it in a custom way to their life and their situation."

Click here to read more.


Wall Street Journal – October 17, 2013
The Challenge of Becoming a Billion Dollar Adviser | Veronica Dagher

Christine Gaze highlights the importance of "letting go" to achieve “what is often considered [the] industry brass ring: a billion dollars.”  “Every day we see advisors who can't get out of their own way, failing to relinquish some of their responsibilities and let someone else perform those roles more effectively.”

Click here to read the full article (WSJ online subscription required).


The Motley Fool – September 26, 2013
Let Go and Prosper:  Avoiding Three Common Pitfalls on the Path to Breakout Growth

“Putting everyone in the firm, especially the founder, to their highest and best use is the end game.  RIAs that effectively deploy these two key roles create opportunities for a productive shift in focus of the lead advisors, which can produce dramatic results," said Christine Gaze.

Click here to read the full press release announcing the launch of TD Ameritrade's Breakout Growth thought leadership program, which The Motley Fool republished on its website.

Financial Planning Association (FPANET) – March 9, 2013
Breakout Growth – How Advisers are Taking Their Practices to the Next Level

Christine Gaze offers insights on the common threads that separate great advisers from the pack.  Click here to see the all-star panel she assembled for the [2013] FPA Business Solutions Conference.


Financial Planning – May 15, 2013
How Advisors Can Stand Out From the Crowd | Matt Ackerman

Christine Gaze, speaking at the Women’s Advisor Forum, shared her observations about what high net worth clients want and need in a post-credit crisis environment.  “There is fierce competition for a small slice of pie. The good news is that the number of advisors is decreasing and the number of wealthy and ultra wealthy advisors is growing.”

Click here to read the full article.

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