Dynamic Speaking Engagements

Dynamic Speaking Engagements

Participants leave our high-impact keynotes, breakouts, and workshops thinking differently about their world and inspired to take action.

Choose from a wide variety of relevant content that represents our thinking on current trends and topics including:

•    New Business Development in a New Age
•    What Women Want
•    A Roadmap for the New Client Experience
•    8 Key Insights on the High Net Worth
•    The Top 5 Trends in 2014
•    What it Means to be a High Performing Team
•    Managing the Intergenerational Relationship Equation

We are highly experienced at creating customized programs and services to meet our clients' specific needs.  Whether contributing to a broad theme, supporting a launch, or meeting a particular learning objective, we are passionate about helping clients achieve results.

Engaging Keynotes and Breakout Sessions:  Our keynote presentations and breakout sessions offer an engaging blend of research insights, ideas on what industry innovators are doing and winning tactics that drive productive change. We work hard to ensure that our content is targeted and connects with the audience.

Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Workshops:  Our workshops provide an opportunity for financial professionals to do a deep dive into a specific area of focus.  We thoughtfully combine in-depth research insights and practice management tactics while creating a supportive environment for a select community of high performing professionals can connect with and learn from one another.

  • Programs

    Purpose Consulting Group supports our clients as a strategic thought partner. We help them engage and advance advisor practices, achieve growth objectives, and enhance their brand. Read More >

  • Elite Advisory Coaching

    Whether you’re looking for seasoned consultant to help you navigate your current path more effectively, break out of a challenging plateau or create an ambitious new vision for the future of your business, you’ve come to the right place. Read More >

How We Help

We are thought partners and strategizers who thrive on working with innovative leaders and are highly focused on delivering ROI.  You might call us impact junkies who truly get out of bed to help our clients change their world for the better.  Whether you are tapping us for help with an important launch or initiative, looking to reinvent your existing business or focused on taking your successful advisory business to the next level, we follow a similar process.

Who We Help

  • Asset Managers/Custodians

    Advisors, especially the largest ones, are inundated.  According to recent research by Cogent, the average advisor is contacted 126 times a month with investment product outreach alone.  In a world where asset management and custody are becoming increasingly commoditized, it can be difficult to get in the door and be heard above all the noise.  A well-crafted and executed thought leadership program can help your sales force increase their credibility and efficacy to build connections that increase share of wallet and net new business.

  • Broker Dealers/Enterprise RIAs

    Many firms struggle with sustainable growth and experience highly inconsistent results among advisory teams.  The average advisor within some firms brings in less than two net new clients in a given year.  The challenge therefore becomes, how do you stimulate and support meaningful growth among those who have the skill and will to achieve it.

  • Elite Advisory Firms

    There are times throughout the lifecycle of an advisory business when a leader needs a strategic thought partner to help them develop the right path for the next phase of their business.  Successful leaders are well acquainted with the concept of, “what got you here, won’t get you there”.  The best leaders have the ability and self awareness to acknowledge the challenges they face, adapt an open mindset and gather the necessary resources to help them, and their team, break through the inertia to achieve something new.

Case Studies