Protecting Clients from Cryptolockers!

Looking to Add Value to Clients?  Train them to protect themselves against ‘Cryptolockers’ 

By Christine Gaze

The Today Show held a three-minute segment this morning on the rise of a horrifying type of cyber-attacker called a ‘cryptolocker’.  Cryptolocker' holds computers hostage - Today Show.   Essentially, a cryptolocker hacks into a person’s computer and a red warning screen pops up with a count down clock.  The contents of the victim’s computer are then held for ransom until they pay a fee (the going rate appears to be around $500) to get their stuff back.

What's the so what?  Why should advisors care about this micro-segment on the Today Show?  Last week the Today show averaged 4.59 million viewers a day.  How many of them were your clients?

With this segment, the Today Show sounded the alarm and brought an issue that is on the minds of many clients (information security and safety) to the forefront.  How can advisors seize a moment like this to have a helpful dialogue and be a resource?

Here are 5 ways to turn this Today Show headline into value-added client connections:

1.  Send the video link to your clients with a reminder to back-up their photos and financial documents

2.  Add a component to your review meetings and catch-up calls to discuss the dos and don’ts of security and key tactics for backing up

3.  Hold a client event and bring in a local expert from the tech or law enforcement world to discuss the best ways to protect against hackers

4.  Buy and brand external hard drives and have your millennial staff teach clients how to back up photos, tax documents, and other sensitive documents

5.  Develop a Cyber-Security initiative for your team and dedicate a month to formal outreach to clients (a great project for summer interns and budding next gen associates)

As we all know, information security is a growing threat.   Imagine what good will you can create if you help to educate and empower the families you serve and ensure they are prepared.  If they do fall prey and they have the family photos saved because of YOU, they may hold a parade in your honor.

Christine Gaze, CIMA®, is the President of Purpose Consulting Group in New York City.  Follow her on twitter @christinegaze.


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