Susan Gardner

Susan Gardner
Research Associate

Susan Gardner has a wealth of experience conducting high quality research, in a variety of settings. She has worked as a Research Assistant at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. and the School of Public Policy at University College London, and has also undertaken extensive independent research. She recently received a PhD from University College London, with her doctoral research tackling the subject of member state influence in intergovernmental organizations. Her doctoral dissertation, entitled Member state performance in intergovernmental organizations: the case of the European Union Stability and Growth Pact, has been nominated for the Jean Blondel prize for best dissertation submitted in 2013.

Over the course of her PhD, Susan taught several seminars at University College London and King’s College London, to both graduate and undergraduate students, in the areas of politics and economics. She also worked on two grant projects that sought to understand both causes and effects of the economic crisis in the Eurozone, and was invited to present the results of these at numerous academic conferences.

Outside of academia, Susan worked previously as a Client Associate in the Private Wealth Management division of Merrill Lynch.

Prior to her PhD, she received a MA from King’s College London and a BA from Wake Forest University.